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Almira Sadar was born in 1963. In 1986 she received a degree in Fashion Design from the Department of Textiles, Ljubljana and in 1987 she graduated with a degree in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture, Ljubljana. Since 1987 she has worked as a Professor of Fashion Design at the Faculty of Textiles, Ljubljana. In 1997 she established her own fashion studio and has designed women’s collections for the ALMIRASADAR brand.

Philosophy of the brand – www.almirasadar.com

The ALMIRASADAR collection has no ambition to satisfy mass taste. The small yet unique series of garments is intended for those who wish to retain and express their individuality among the flood of fashion trends. Each ALMIRASADAR article expresses the belief that without special features there is no personality.

About the blog

In 2011 Almira Sadar began sharing her observations and thoughts on fashion with the launch of her own blog.