tekstil za calypsocrystal / textile for calypsocrystal

Posted on September 15, 2015

za calypsocrystal smo oblikovali tekstil za novo kolekcijo ovitkov za i phone, i pad in macbook. vsi izdelki so oblikovani in izdelani po načelih trajnosti, z velikim spoštovanjem do ročnega dela, tradicionalnih rokodelskih tehnik in njihovih mojstrov, ki proces izdelave izdelka upočasnijo in mu dodajo nove kvalitete.

we have designed the textile for calypsocrystal’s new collection of iphone, ipad and macbook cases. all products are designed and produced according to the principles of sustainability, with great respect for the techniques and masters of handicraft, who slow the production process and add new qualities to it.

CalypsoCrystal_CalypsoCase_Textile_ARR2658_2880X1620 CalypsoCrystal_CalypsoCase_Handcrafted_ARR2895_2880x1620 CalypsoCrystal_CalypsoCase_Mac_Zurich_Night_AR_2054_2880x1620

trgovina na plaži / the beach shop

Posted on July 24, 2015

ko sem na plaži za trenutek odprla oči, sem namesto morja pred sabo zagledala pisano trgovino z oblačili. oblačila v luksuznih, vedno dražjih trgovinah, v blagovnicah hitre mode, v lokalnih trgovinah, v outletih, na sejmih, v pop up trgovinah in sedaj še v prenosljivih trgovinah na plaži?

when I was sleeping on the beach and opened my eyes for a moment, I saw the colourful clothes shop instead of the sea in front of my eyes. clothing in the luxury, every day more expensive shops, in the fast fashion stores, local shops, outlets, pop up shops, markets, and now in the portable shops on the beach? 



zelena moda / green fashion

Posted on April 10, 2015

vzorci_variantevzorec/pattern: arijana gadžijev

pred kratkim sem našla nekaj let staro vabilo za poletno kolekcijo z vzorcem zelenjave, ki ga je oblikovala ilustratorka in oblikovalka arijana gadžijev. ne spominjam  se več, zakaj sem se to pomlad odločila ravno za zelenjavo. mogoče sem takrat začela na terasi gojiti svojo salato, postala zeleno zavedna ali pa me je zgolj prevzela raznovrstnost zelenjavnih oblik in barv. letos v poletni kolekciji ponujamo nakupovalne mreže, primerne za na zelenjavni trg. oblikovane so z izhodiščem v klasičnih nakupovalnih mrežah, tistih vintage mrežic naših babic, ki so jih nosile v torbicah, ne da bi se zavedale njihove ekološkosti. mreže so ročno skvačkane iz  vrvic v različnih barvah, dodani so usnjeni ročaji.

a while ago, I found an old invitation for a summer collection with the pattern of vegetables, which was designed by arijana gadžijev, an illustrator and designer. I can’t remember anymore, why I chose vegetables for that spring. perhaps that was the time I started to grow salad on my terrace, became “green-conscious” or was simply overwhelmed by the diversity of shapes and colours. this year, in my summer collection, I offer shopping nets, which are perfect to use at the market square. the basis for the design are classic shopping nets, those vintage nets that were used by our grandmothers, who carried them in their purses, not even knowing how eco-friendly they were being at the time. the nets are handmade crochet from different-coloured strings with leather handles.



_MG_8072foto: ana hribar


moda danes/ fashion today

Posted on March 16, 2015

li edelkort je v zadnjih dneh v svojem manifestu alarmantno sporočila, da “je moda mrtva” in “naj živijo oblačila”. vse, kar je obesedila, v modi srečujemo in občutimo že nekaj let. vsak zase se prilagajamo, iščemo nove poti, na katerih se trudimo biti čim bolj kreativni in drugačni, prodajni in všečni…, saj je moda predvsem odraz družbe in časa, v katerem živimo.  pogled nazaj je vedno prepleten z nostalgijo. ko je coco chanel v dvajsetih s svojimi oblačili spreminjala družbo, se tega ni zavedala, je zgolj razmišljala in realizirala oblačila, za katere je bila prepričana, da jih potrebuje ženska tistega časa. tudi današnji čas ponuja oblačila, ki so pač odraz današnjega dne.

vabljeni k ogledu nove almirasadar kolekcije pomlad/poletje 2015.

in the last few days, li edelkort has alarmingly said in her manifesto that »fashion is dead« and »long live clothing«. what she has put into words has been encountered and experienced by all of us in the last few years.  we are adjusting, looking for new ways of being as creative, different, likeable and selling as possible, because fashion is mainly a reflection of the time and society that we live in. thinking about the past is always connected to nostalgia. when coco chanel was changing society with her clothing in the 20′s, she wasn’t aware of it. she was only thinking about and actualizing the clothes she thought the woman of that time needed. just like that, the present day offers us clothing that is simply a reflection of the current situation.

you are invited to come and have a look at the new spring/summer 2015 almirasadar collection.

  IMG_5767 IMG_5769 IMG_5773 IMG_5776 IMG_5774


what I liked in fashion and textiles last year

Posted on January 3, 2015

1.exhibition “building with textiles”, textielmuseum tilburg 

textielmuseum tilburg presents work by internationally renowned architects as well as interior projects that put textiles in the spotlight. interior designs by studio inside outside by designer petra blaisse, and studio samira boon are a work-in-progress during the course of the project. studio inside outside is designing a curtain with solar cells, while studio samira boon is developing super folds.


2.”paperwallet” – a super thin wallet designed by artists

paperwallet is a paper-thin, ultra-durable and eco-friendly wallet designed from a single piece of tyvek. one sheet of tyvek is printed, cut, folded and glued in origami fashion to create a wallet without any seams or stitches. with the  collaborations with the artists from around the world, each wallet is fully customized. the project was successfully funded on kickstarter. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/625059603/paperwallet-a-super-thin-tyvek-wallet-designed-by


3.iris van herpen – a guest editor of  “A magazine curated by”

iris van harpen took the reigns of the creative content for the thirteenth issue of “A magazine curated by” choosing a cover, imagery and articles that reflect her interests and aesthetic. for each edition, the magazine asks an international fashion designer to take over the pages and inject their personal style and tastes.


4. “dries van noten: inspiration”, musée des arts décoratifs, paris

the exhibition revealed the creative process of dries van noten. from collection to collection and from season to season, painting, sculpture and photography showed their influence on his work, echoed in forms and colours.


5. marni flower market

on the occasion of milano fashion week, marni has infilled the historic rotonda della besana with a flower market and exhibition stalls, displaying a wide variety of exotic flora-filled bundles and various products sold by the label with proceeds going to children’s charity “vimala” aiding tibetan children in india.


6. studio drift in rijksmuseum, amsterdam

an installation, consisting of five shylights by studio drift is permanent  on view for the public in the new philips wing of the rijksmuseum amsterdam. five calyxes made of many layers of organic silk perform a mechanical ballet of opening and closing. nature’s changing movement is combined with advanced robot and light technology.



7. dutch landscapes collection, ICE international

four dutch design couples: claire & roderick vos, jeanine & piet hein eek, petra janssen & edwin vollebergh, kiki van eijk & joost van bleiswijk were invited to design an unique rug in hand-knotted wool or silk for the ICE international collection. the collection of rugs with personal inspiration and narratives was presented at the dutch design week.


8. openknit by gerard rubio

designer gerard rubio has created an open source robotic loom that is able to knit entire seamless garments in less than one hour. once a machine has been built, users can make their own designs by utilising the free knitic software.


9. adidas cooperation with mary katranzou

mary katrantzou has designed a capsule collection of innovative apparel and footwear emblazoned in the designer s iconic, hype-color, kaleidoscopic patterns.

katranzou adidas

10. my favorite collections in 2014

christoper kane  autumn/winter 2014 collection with outlined silk layers of fabric like fluttering papers


junya watanabe spring/summer 2015 collection with abstract, graphic and bold cut out elements in sculptural costumes

Junya Watanabe, Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2015 Collection in Paris

christian dior pre-fall 2015 collection by raf simons  with “cloths for real life”



Posted on December 1, 2014

čas nas ponovno prehiteva. komaj se je v novembru končal liffe, je že prišel december. ta postane prazničen, ko ga okrasimo. v trgovini almirasadar  smo izobesili bučke, prižgali svečke  in razstavili darila. med razstavljenimi modnimi dodatki lahko izberete darilo za prijateljico ali pa si ga od nje zaželite…

time is always ahead of us. just as liffe, the film festival in november ended, december has come. as soon as we decorate it, everything becomes festive: we have already decorated the almirasadar shop in the spirit of christmas, lit the candles and exhibited small presents. you can choose among a variety of fashion accessories and decide what to buy for friends or what you wish to get from them… 


_MG_5412 kape _MG_5411 _MG_5418

foto: ana hribar


Posted on November 20, 2014

vsako oblačilo skriva v sebi neko sporočilo. lahko je povezano z zgodovinskim izročilom, namenom uporabe, simbolno vrednostjo… le nekaj oblačil je takšnih, ki se s časom ne spreminjajo. v modi so vedno prisotna, med njimi je najbolj bela – bela srajca. najpogostokrat skrita pod drugimi oblačili, je bila dolgo časa simbol bogastva, moči ter uniformiranosti. “shirting” je projekt elene fajt, h kateremu je povabila slovenske oblikovalke in oblikovalce. v projektu ne gre zgolj za srajco, ampak za celoten proces nastajanja in nošenja posamezne srajce. srajce krožijo med uporabniki, ki  ob tem beležijo njihove zgodbe –  zame je obleči se v belo srajco tako poseben trenutek kot utrujen zaspati v sveže oprani in zlikani posteljnini.

each garment has a hidden message. it may be associated with tradition, intension of use, symbolic value… only a few peaces of clothing do not change with time, they are always present in fashion, one of them is the whitest – white shirt. usually hidden under the main garment, it used to be a symbol of wealth, power and uniformity. “shirting” is elena fajt’s new project to which she invited other slovene designers. project is not only about the shirt but the whole process of making and wearing it: shirts circle among users, each having their own story about wearing it – for me, to put on a white shirt is like the moment when you fall asleep tired in a fresh maid bed. 

peter giodani

foto: peter giodani



Posted on September 8, 2014

shibori je japonska tradicionalna tehnika barvanja tekstila. s pomočjo ročno narejenih vozličkov, gub ali šivov preprečimo dostop barve do osnovnega tekstila, pri tem nastajajo vedno novi vzorci. kolekcija srajčk, pri katerih je bila tehnika shibori uporabljena zgolj za teksturo z raznobarvnimi vozlički, je nastala za razstavo contemporary shibori, ki odprta novembra 2014  v muzeju svile, hangzhou, kitajska.

shibori is a japanese traditional technique of dyeing textiles. hand-made binding, stitching, folding or twisting is used to prevent the color to access to the basic of the textile. collection of shirts was designed, in which shibori technique of binding colorful thread was used to achieve new textures. the collection will be presented at the exhibition of contemporary shibori in silk museum, hangzhou, china in november 2014. 

IMG_8143 IMG_8139 IMG_8127

delavnica tepiha / carpet workshop

Posted on June 9, 2014

lansko poletje se je v brelah na hrvaškem odprl MAP – prostor za sodobno umetnost z namenom vzpodbujanja kulture v kraju. program razstav sodobnih umetnikov bo v letošnjem letu nadgrajen še z delavnicami, predavanji in seminarji. od 16. do 21. junija bo v MAPu na delavnici ročnih del nastajal skupinski tepih. če je kdorkoli že na počitnicah v dalmaciji, je vabljen k sodelovanju.

last summer the MAP – meeting art place was opened in brela, croatia  in order to promote the contemporary culture. this summer, workshops, lectures and seminars will be organised along with the exhibitions of contemporary artists. from 16 to 21 june a contemporary carpet will be crocheted in the group creative workshop. anyone on holidays in dalmatia is invited to participate. 


foto: ana hribar



Posted on May 30, 2014

danes smo na beethovnovi dobili nov “parkplac” ali mali mestni park. “parkplaci” so projekt prostoroža in mesta, ki prispevajo k novemu dojemanju javnega prostora. pri postavitvi so bili uporabljeni  že rabljeni materiali in oprema. zame je to nova dnevna soba trgovine, z veseljem bom pripravila blazine, revije in še kaj, da se bodo mimoidoči v “parkplacu” tudi ustavili in poklepetali.

today  we got a new “parkplac” on beethovnova street. small city parks are a common project of the architectural group prostorož and city ljubljana which contributes to a new perception of a public space.  recycled materials and equipment were used at the construction. for me, “parkplac” is a new living room of my shop. I will be happy to prepare new pillows for it, magazines and anything else that  passers-by will  stop and chat at the new city park.

photo 2 photo 3